Envirotouch is a unique product that gives you greater control over your energy usage. Replace your existing switches and power sockets so you can turn off lights and appliances without having to be there. At the touch of a button, you can automatically select the running time multiple preset options (eg. 15, 45, 60 & 120 minutes). For heated towel rails, there are multiple cycles to choose from. You select the default times, whether 15 minutes for a child’s bedroom light, 60 minutes for an electric blanket or 45 minutes for a school classroom. Envirotouch even operates as a normal on/off switch if you want it too - except it’s a lot more intelligent and effective than a normal switch!

Envirotouch comes in 4 different models so you can use them throughout the home or workplace and increase the benefits. Consistent use can significantly reduce your power bills, energy consumption, as well as reducing your carbon footprint. Controlling the use of appliances ensures devices do not run excessively and burn out, reducing the potential risk of fire or injury.

A cost effective, immediate solution that can be retrofitted to existing switches and sockets, or installed in new projects with installation costs the same as standard outlets. Envirotouch can be used across both residential, commercial and institutional applications for improved efficiency and increased environmental and economical benefits.

Hard wire a room of lights for touch button, point-of-use control, or simply plug-in electric devices to the 3pin socket switch. No longer worry about leaving lights or electric appliances on when they shouldn't be! 




Features & Benefits


  • Intelligent control
    Multiple timer options at the push of a button
  • Automatic countdown timer
    15, 45, 60 or 120 minute options (not on towel options). Set and the device will automatically turn off. 
  • User-friendly operation
    Can be used as a simple on-off switch or enjoy all the benefits of timer control.
  • Simple retrofitting
    Easy to replace current switches and powerpoints.
  • Low installation costs on new builds
    Installation costs on new projects are the same as a standard switch - no extra cost or hassle involved.
  • Elegant and subtle design blends with all decor 
  • "Turn-off" indicator
    Imminent turn-off technology will dim the lights to warn you that turn off will occur in three minutes.



  • Indoor & outdoor lights
  • Small appliances
  • Heated towl rails
  • Heaters
  • Safety control
  • Bathroom fans
  • Battery chargers
  • Commercial, intitutional or residential applications



Single Timer Switch 

Double Timer Switch 

Single 3pin Socket Portrait  TT-ET3 Heated Towel Rail Warmer







COST1 $146 $117 $110
ENERGY 584 kWh 467 kWh 483 kWh
GHG 468 kg 374 kg 350 kg








1 Electricity tariff based on residential rate of $0.25/kWh
2 Prevents a 2.4 kw heater (or other appliance) being left on during winter months for 2hrs per day
3 Prevents an 80W towel rail running continuously all day by using the 2 x 4 hr setting
4 Prevents lights being left on 3hrs per day throughout the year, based on a room with 8 x 50W halogen globes
GHG - Greenhouse Gas emissions



15X15 room

10X10 room


COST1 $171 $76 $51
ENERGY 1139 kWh 506 kWh 337 kWh
GHG 911 kg 405 kg 270 kg









1 Electricity tariff based on commercial rate of $0.15/kWh
2 Prevents lights being left on for 2hrs per working day, based on BCA lighting 10W/m2
3 Prevents heater (or other appliance) of 2kw being left on during the winter for 2hrs per day
GHG - Greenhouse Gas emissions



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