Application Heatstrip Classic (THH-A) Heatstrip Max (THX) Heatstrip Indoor (THS)  Euro Convective Panels CP Convective Panels Heatstar Radiant Panels Bliss Radiant Panels Heat n' Grow Ozflame HeatSeat Multi-Heat
Outdoor Heating - undercover area (al-fresco, café, veradah, balcony)  Yes Yes                  
Outdoor Heating - exposed area (al-fresco, café, veradah, balcony)    Yes                  
Indoor insulated areas - commercial (classrooms, offices etc).  Yes    Yes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes        
Indoor insulated areas - residential (living rooms, bedrooms etc).      Yes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes        
Under desk, personal heating - home or commercial office              Yes        
Indoor uninsulated areas requiring spot heating - factory, halls, sport facility  Yes  Yes  Yes                
Heated propagation trays                Yes      
Bio-fuel fireplaces                  Yes    
Church under-pew heating                    Yes  
Nursing Homes      Yes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes        
Student Accommodation      Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes        
Industrial heating for liquids                     Yes


Above Applications are very general guidelines. Please refer to the individual Product Manual for further information and selection criteria.

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