Bliss Euro Series

BLISS Euro convective panel heater has been designed for easy, cost effective operation. Supplied with wall mounting bracket and a castor wheel set for optional portability, the BLISS Euro convective panel heater features a simple ON/OFF function, adjustable thermostat control and Australian designed 24 hours manually set timer.

Features & Benefits


How does it work?

Based on a combination of natural convective currents and radiant heat; cool air is warmed by a unique heating element within the heater, the warm air rises and naturally circulates around the room, and the radiant heat also emitted warms the whole area. There are no fans or other moving parts.


What are the benefits?

  • Convective Currents = Gentle, Comfortable Heat
    BLISS Euro convective panel heaters do not produce any fumes or consume oxygen, preventing the discomfort of dry eyes or drowsiness.

  • NO FAN = Natural, Healthy Heat
    Ideal for sufferers of asthma, allergies and hay fever, the Bliss Euro Series minimises the unnecessary circulation of dust and pollens.
  • NO FAN = Silent Operation
  • Simple Functionality
    Features a simple ON/OFF switch and adjustable temperature control that extends from 5ºC (frost protection function) to 30ºC.
  • Efficient, Cost Effective Heating
    Program specific on/off times to ensure heat is ON when you need it and OFF when you don't.
  • Assured Safety and Reliability
    In built automatic thermal cut-out ensure protection and safety. Solid metal casing and no moving parts ensure trouble free operation. Complies with Australian and New Zealand electrical standards.
  • Simple Installation and Operation
    Includes wall mounting brackets and a castor wheel set for optional portability and clear, user-friendly installation and operation instructions. Each model is fitted with a 3 pin plug.

Are there additional options?

  • Model Options
    A choice of 4 model sizes from 1000W to 2400W ensures the heating requirements of any room size are covered.




BE 1000 1000 420 x 440 x 105 11 sq m 13 sq m 15.0¢ per hr $199.00
BE 1500 1500 580 x 440 x 105 16 sq m 20 sq m 22.0¢ per hr $219.00
BE 2000 2000 740 x 440 x 105 20 sq m 25 sq m 30.0¢ per hr $239.00
BE 2400 2400 1000 x 440 x 105 25 sq m 30 sq m 36.8¢ per hr $269.00

* NOTES: This is a guideline only, and is based on normally insulated rooms with standard ceiling height. Running costs are based on 25¢/kw hour electric tariff, and 60% operating cycle after warm up period.
RRP is recommended retail price and may exclude freight and handling fee.


Bliss Euro Product brochure

Bliss Euro Product Manual

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